I’m an Australian poet and writer, and a voracious reader. I’m also a bookseller of second-hand spy, espionage and intelligence titles at Brush Pass Books


My poetry has appeared in Alliterati Magazine, Best Australian Poems 2011, Cordite Poetry Review, Eclecticism, Multiverses, PoV Magazine, Railroad Poetry Project, street cake magazine, The Night Light and Tincture Journal. It has not appeared in many other eminent journals and magazines, despite my best efforts.

My fiction litters the floors of some of the most reputable and disreputable journals and magazines this and other countries have to offer. That’s why I decided in the end to mostly just publish it myself here. Having said that, some of my flash fiction recently appeared in 101 Fiction, which was really very kind of them.


I like all kinds of books, but have a special place in my heart for certain genre fiction – especially spy, espionage, and intelligence; Literature (of course it’s a genre); dark fiction/horror; and DeLillo (yes yes, the great man is a genre in his own right, and I’ll hear no quibbling about that).

One of the questions I’m always asking people is: ‘What are you reading?’ Well, no need to ask me my friends, for my Goodreads site lays out what’s currently on my reading palette.


I sometimes tweet about writing, reading and bookish things at @mindintoword.

I skulk at @brushpassbooks for anything related to spies, espionage and intelligence.