9 March 2019
the fence in ruins;
Roman, dying, pathetic.
like the Empire.

24 August 2017
scattered chandelier 
lights the fly on the ceiling; 
insistent wings beat. 

17 August 2017 
ambulance in the
tunnel cracking terrific
beats. everyone dance!

16 August 2017
half alight, half gone
the wattle that you planted – 
our lovely cocoon 

8 March 2017
bald ponytail man
!RUSHING! for the harried bus. 
an ashtray, smiling

27 January 2017
voice from a great depth – 
the singer and the shadows 

12 August 2016
snowy the ravines
in which talkative birds and 
men invite wonder

13 May 2016
Her flesh escaping.
Waves of indecisiveness,
arousing us all.

7 April 2016 
in a too cold room
the dim clock still not turned back
Time makes me shiver

8 March 2016 
like stubborn dogs the
haiku come only when they
want, then lick your face

21 September 2015
alive one minute
the insect on her neck – now
dead like the winter

25 May 2015
! go ! Go go ! Go go !
the not really green moths –
like a horror dark

18 February 2015
one from each decade
looming like a breaking storm –
the crumbling buildings

1 January 2015
summer heat – like a job done
but now forgotten

13 October 2014  
when the words, his friends,
strangle him; breathless he rises
above them – weightless

23 September 2014  
sleep, equinox stars,
sleep; as if the world is air
and nothing worthy

24 August 2014 
The jabbering chill
of August a reminder
Time is not asleep

10 August 2014 
War is the people
you forget in the sunshine.
But at night, they’re there.

2 July 2014
Going to the beach
In winter, sky and sea One
Part of the answer

22 May 2014
citizens of time
amidst the roar of your hearts
don’t forget the maelstrom

2 February 2014
like warring armies
the clouds approach warily
futures uncertain

3 January 2014
i never thanked you
for the new year, or the old
now gleefully done

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